Monday, March 17, 2008

Former "Client" 2005

Former "Client" 2005

reply to : Individual Counselors
Posted 9/2/2005 2:38:44 PM by Former "Client" of AG Dozier School


I was once incarcerated at this "school for boys" (the only schooling you get is how to become more of a criminal) and would just like to let you know that your son is not the only one who is "helped" by staff in this way. When I was an inmate there in 2000, I was given cocaine by a staff member (no longer works there), cigarettes, learned how to make alcohol from juice, witnessed all manners of abuse, both in the cottages and in ISP (up the hill) was abused myself and basically got no "treatment" whatsoever. Sad to say, NO, your son will not get any help at all in AG dozier school...

This place is reprehensible, I only hope that you will support your son in making proper decisions when he is released, because once again, this place is not going to do anything for him.
I made these things known to DCF represenatives, but nothing ever came of it.