Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Daughter-Alissa

Mr. Straley,

I write this letter with a heavy, heavy heart.

I have just learned that my father, while a youth of an undetermined age, was a "student" the FSB. My father was no angel by any means, but was in trouble and was sent to the FSB. His mother and father moved to Ohio and left he and his brother in the hands of the State of Florida.

I was wondering if there was any way, any records, to determine his offense, his age, dates ..anything I can do to verify ...I'm sorry, I'm probably not making much sense, I suppose I'm in shock.

Growing up, I thought my father was just an unbelievable SOB...I knew he did the best he could, but he was full of rage..had problems with drinking, many other issues. Apparently, my aunt saw a newscast about your group, contacted my father and asked him to contact which he broke down sobbing. My father has cried twice in his life that I remember, and frankly, it has terrified me both times. I've viewed related web pages and saw many of the video newscasts...but I am unsure of what/how to approach my father and uncle in this matter.

Looking through this information about the FSB and what he may have gone through there...(as he broke down sobbing, I can imagine it was horrific)..I am starting to gain a small portion of understanding the man that is my father and I would appreciate any help you could give me.


I spoke to my father last length, about his experiences there at FSB. While shock and horror can't accurately describe my reaction to his words, I am thankful to know my father better. I want to thank you and the others for that. Without your strength and courage, these conversations would have never happened in
his life and I would be left wondering who my father was.

At one point during his three stays, he worked in the masonry. He said that the cemetery you found won't be the only one you find. While working there, he and several other children were assigned to a special project...creating 50 concrete crosses, not the iron ones you've found. He said it took them three weeks to
finish all 50...and then one weekend they disappeared and no one ever mentioned them again. I don’t know what this will mean to you or the others, but I felt it was something that should be disclosed.

I want to help you and the men like my father. If there is anything that I can do, if you need someone to help research, investigate, ....anything..please, reach out to me. My background in college is in Psychology and Sociology...with several years of working with the sexually abused. I don’t know what use you may have for
me, but I'd like to do something.

Sincerely, Alissa